THE ANSWER: pilates reformer and assembling an etsy treasury!

i know i know.  you’re baffled and muttering:  what, exactly, was the question?!?!?

here it is:  what are two things i had never done prior to yesterday that i totally loved doing?

no photos of the former, but i know for sure i did it, because whooboy is my core sore!

as for the latter … here she is:


i have tried on the title of “curator,” and it feels kind of comfy.   as for the pilates reformer, well … after these heavy, day-after-exercising- more-than-a-light-jog-for-the-first-time-since-birthing-a-baby-7-months-ago aches and pains pass, i’m hoping that too will feel comfy on my bod.

happy tuesday!