Stand in a place. Let your feet feel the earth. Exhale.


The world turned upside down. Remain home. If you go outside, wear a mask. And gloves. And don’t touch your face anymore. Wash. Sanitize. Repeat.

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Until you feel your center steady and can ride with comfort and ease the rotation of this upside-down world.

Remember this feeling for the moments when you will need it.

Stay safe, humanity.

Published by

Sue Kim Lucchini

I was a stage director, choreographer, producer and teacher. In 2003, I became a mom, and in 2006, and in 2009. Along the way, I became a photographer. Then I regressed to my early youth art pursuits: painting, drawing, collaging and writing. So I called myself a Professional Dabbler, but that didn’t quite feel right. Now I consider myself to be a Multi-Passionate Artist.

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