what’s wrong with this picture?

i’m really asking. because i’ve now been futzing with it for over an hour and no longer have eyes that can see clearly. so, i ask: what do you think?


okay, lemme cut to the chase: does it bother you that the bee’s … face? … the front of the bee? … is blurry/obscured? because i think that’s what’s bothering me. and that’s not something i think i can fix in photoshop. no matter how hard i try. some photoshoppers might be THAT good. i am not.


so here’s my overwhelming personal dilemma of the day: the reason i don’t have more stuff done is that i spend too much time obsessed with the minutiae of getting it all perfect. however, if i don’t pay attention to such things, i feel somehow less myself. like i’m not trying hard enough. like i’m not doing my best. like, in order to finish this photograph, i NEED to learn more photoshop. or i need to quick! take an art class so i can draw the bee’s … face?

this is me. this is my devil. the details. the art of it all. putting it together. over and over again. until it’s perfect. to me.