Stand in a place. Let your feet feel the earth. Exhale.


The world turned upside down. Remain home. If you go outside, wear a mask. And gloves. And don’t touch your face anymore. Wash. Sanitize. Repeat.

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Until you feel your center steady and can ride with comfort and ease the rotation of this upside-down world.

Remember this feeling for the moments when you will need it.

Stay safe, humanity.

Socially distant.

Miss Bella finds a new spot.

Sometimes I just sit. And gaze. Especially lately. Nice to have something soft to sit upon.

Today I cut the foam for this window seat. Looks like Bella approves. Cool.

Make smart choices. I say this all the time to my kids. It is possible that by this, I mean: When faced with a decision, take the life-preserving, compassionate, high road option.

Stay safe, humanity. Make smart choices.

Painting. Acrylic.

“A Brand New Day”
Acrylic on canvas.
February 2020

I finished this painting about a month ago. So much seems to have changed since then, and this painting languishes at my studio without me these days. But I was thrilled to have painted it and look forward to visiting it soon.

In the meantime, hopefully we can all wake soon to brighter days.

Stay safe, humanity.

Good morning, good afternoon & good evening NH.

We manage anxiety each in our own way.

Sometimes I need to get away. Sometimes I need to connect with friends who really, really *get* anxiety. Sometimes I walk. Sometimes I take photographs along the way. Later, I can look back at the images and remind myself of what took my breath away but in a GOOD way.

Breathe. Now do it again. Repeat. This too shall pass.

Stay safe, humanity.