life happens … or other people do stuff that changes our lives …

so i have been remiss in updating, posting, photographing, processing … i dropped out of my class, turned down work and postponed promised prints, all because one single immature and selfish person acted selfishly and immaturely.

in response to circumstances, i put myself into mama’s own therapy – in order to move past the hurt and the anger and the frustration, i have spent the last almost-two-months concentrating on these guys, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else:

if you are a parent, or perhaps even if you are not, i hope you will understand.  i am working my way back to working now, and i hope to be my whole self again very soon.

Published by

Sue Kim Lucchini

I was a stage director, choreographer, producer and teacher. In 2003, I became a mom, and in 2006, and in 2009. Along the way, I became a photographer. Then I regressed to my early youth art pursuits: painting, drawing, collaging and writing. So I called myself a Professional Dabbler, but that didn’t quite feel right. Now I consider myself to be a Multi-Passionate Artist.

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