heart. broken.

the world has lost a wonderful photographer and artist. as posted on the poe (photographers of etsy) blog:

POE Team member Cat Ludwig of CatLudwigStudio is no longer with us.

“After struggling for 15 years with extreme pain, and multiple chronic conditions, Cat could bear the burden no longer and took her own life Monday, April 19th.” Cat’s husband Warren Ludwig posted a message on her blog, you can read it here.

from my family to hers, i offer condolences and strength through this difficult time.

cat, thank you for sharing your world – your flowers, your butterflies, your birds and those wonderful wrought iron pieces i love so much.  you – your presence, your work – will be dearly missed.

there is a fine line between courage and …

alternate title:  “simba, the fearless”

“meow meow meow meow” over and over again from our tiger tabby simba.  over and over and over again.  he’s driving me crazy.  “LET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!” he’s meowing.  “I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!” he’s screaming.

why?  what is sooooooo important that mr. pampered house cat needs to get out?

yeah.  coyote. coyote in the backyard.  MEOOOOOOOOOW – LET ME OUT!

stupid-ass cat.  probably thinks this is a playmate.  (insert eyeroll here.)

spending some quality time with my …

60mm f/2.8.

i had decided to sell this lens, as i never, ever reach for it.  no use and taking up valuable space in the bag, right?

however, there is a little tiny voice inside my head crying “don’t ditch it!”  hence, i decided to spend a more time with it to see if something spoke to me.  i’ll share a bit with you over this self-imposed re-evaluation period.

i am seriously considering a compare/contrast with this and my 50mm, which i have used consistently over the years on its own and with extension tubes.

i’d be happy to hear your thoughts!