what’s wrong with this picture?

i’m really asking. because i’ve now been futzing with it for over an hour and no longer have eyes that can see clearly. so, i ask: what do you think?


okay, lemme cut to the chase: does it bother you that the bee’s … face? … the front of the bee? … is blurry/obscured? because i think that’s what’s bothering me. and that’s not something i think i can fix in photoshop. no matter how hard i try. some photoshoppers might be THAT good. i am not.


so here’s my overwhelming personal dilemma of the day: the reason i don’t have more stuff done is that i spend too much time obsessed with the minutiae of getting it all perfect. however, if i don’t pay attention to such things, i feel somehow less myself. like i’m not trying hard enough. like i’m not doing my best. like, in order to finish this photograph, i NEED to learn more photoshop. or i need to quick! take an art class so i can draw the bee’s … face?

this is me. this is my devil. the details. the art of it all. putting it together. over and over again. until it’s perfect. to me.

Published by

Sue Kim Lucchini

I was a stage director, choreographer, producer and teacher. In 2003, I became a mom, and in 2006, and in 2009. Along the way, I became a photographer. Then I regressed to my early youth art pursuits: painting, drawing, collaging and writing. So I called myself a Professional Dabbler, but that didn’t quite feel right. Now I consider myself to be a Multi-Passionate Artist.

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